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The Canadian Government Should Outlaw and Ban All Personal Handguns Except for the Police

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Dimi Sang

“The Canadian government should outlaw and ban all personal handguns except for the police.”

  I agree with the opinion above, first of all, there are lots of different kinds of firearms that have been owned by Canadian individuals,such as  shotguns, rifles, handguns, and so on. The designing purpose  of those guns is mean to shoot to hurt something or somebody, whether the users mean to or not. Rifles or shotguns have a specific usage-hunting. There are two things handguns can be used to do- shoot people or amusement(shooting range). It is a lighter, more easy-carrying firearm production. So the existence of handguns is a threat to people’s lives.

However, Canadian government has enacted the restriction of using firearms,it limits the possibility of occurrence of homicide. But still, “Handguns are the most frequently used firearm in the commission of homicide. Handguns were used in the majority (62%) of firearm-related homicides in 2012, followed by rifles or shotguns (23%). Prior to 1991, firearm-related homicides were most frequently committed with a rifle or shotgun” (    Banning handguns could lower the rate rapidly, even though there still will be similar cases, but once the legal process of owning a handgun has been cut, the total number of homicide will drop.

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