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What Are Darwin’s Finches?

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What are Darwin’s finches? Darwin’s finches are a group of fifteen species of passerine birds. There are two different category of finches. The two categories of finches are the ground finches and the tree finches. I will comparing two finches, the Sharp-beaked finch and the woodpecker finch.

The Sharp-beaked finch are located on the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. The Sharp-beaked finch weighs a mass of 20 grams or 0.71 oz. This finch is also a ground finch. Ground finches are granivorous. This means that the ground finch also eats grains. Since the finch does not hunt down animals it has no prey. This finch habits in highlands or on lower grounds. It is called the sharp-beaked finch due to its slender beak.

The woodpecker finch is another finch located in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. The woodpecker finch habits in the trees. This means that the woodpecker finch is a tree finch. The woodpecker finch has a very different diet than that of the sharp-beaked

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