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A Day in the Life

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When I first wake up I thank God for letting me live to see the light of another day, as well as my family, because I don’t anyone else to die. After I read a chapter of the bible a chapter from what I read last night, then I pray again , and ask God for a bless day , and for me to do what right , and to be saved as well as for the welfare of my family. I have sixteen brothers and sisters, but only thirteen live with my parents, me included.

After I got up I brushed my teeth, because they where hurting from last night although I brushed them last night, I brushed again before I eat. I took a shower after I brushed my teeth. I took my clothes into the bathroom, but my brother went in and jump into the shower, that really pissed me off. I yelled at him, but he got his way because he had to get to school because today is Monday and I don’t have classes until later. So a little while after he took to long I threw a deodorant top at him in the shower. He got the message, and got out. When I got in the shower he threw the same top at me.

Later on I went to the kitchen to get something to eat, but when I got there, there was no more cereal, and I wanted some. My mother gets breakfast ready for the children who she takes to school, but I have a brother and two sisters who walk next door to their school, even though they can walk to school for breakfast she still makes them some. This makes me feel left, because she never counts the college students, even though we are still in school. It kind of hurts sometimes, but then that makes me angry, so I try not to think about it sometimes. She tells us to go buy our own cereal, because we have money, but I would much rather have her buy it; she always says “ya’ll always want me to spend my money on ya’ll, but ya’ll never want to spend your own money when its time to spend it”. It makes me made because she is right.

Later on I wait until some comes from dropping off the kids whose school is far away, and she gets home just in time to get me to school, for my nine-thirty class. But there are times when I wish I had my own car, but I can’t have one until God blesses me with one. I was taught not to complain no matter what, and to wait for God, because if I don’t have it, it is not time for me to have it yet, and so I am waiting for my car. There are times when I come late, because my brothers and sisters take to ling to get ready for school, which is why I really want my own car.

When I go to school, I usually go to the same set, I guess you can say that I am a creature of habit, and I like to be comfortable. I like knowing that no will sit in my set because I claimed my set the first day of school. I hate having to find another set, because someone got in my set. I usually didn’t walk around outside, because the cigarette smoke makes me mad, and I choke on it, so always walk around everyone, and plus I don’t like to walk in front everybody, I guess I think they are staring, even if they aren’t. Everybody is outside, because it is nine-thirty I hate being the center of attention, especially if I am around strangers, or people I don’t feel comfortable around. I made my way to the bit lab, to go read the Bible on the computer; I always try to read ten chapters during the day, and then ten at night. I want to be saved, and reading the bible gets me closer to God, and I want to see that I want to learn and change. So that I can make it with God (to be filled with the Holy Ghost) and that is what I have been taught all my life. So I read five between my classes, and then I printed the other five chapters to read while I was waiting for my mother to come get me and my little brother.

When I get around my family, I am a totally different person. It shows when I am waiting for my mom with my brother. I have to wait for my mother after school, because she has to pick up my brothers and sisters, when they get out. I would ride the bus, but I don’t know how, because we just moved and I where I used to live didn’t have a bus route. I lived in a small town called Hutchins, which is a one horse town. Anyway, when I am with my brother, we play sometimes out side the front building. It may sound childish, but being raised in a house full of kids, there is nothing to do really but play.

I am more relaxed when I am with my brothers and sister. When I get home I walk straight to my room, to see if anybody missed with my soda I left sitting out, when I got there it was gone. Later I walked into the kitchen to see what we are eating. It was chicken and, I don’t really care for chicken, and don’t want to eat, but my mother has taught us in our religion not to be ungrateful, because someone else wants some chicken. But I only eat it if she hasn’t made something else to eat. After I watch The Simpsons, I started playing with my sisters, I went to the park with my two little sisters, and I played with

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