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Aarp - an Interest Group

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Week 6 Interest Groups

AARP is an interest group devoted to guide the aging American through the aging process they do this by helping them discover new possibilities and giving information on ways to save money AARP promote social activity they encourage this on their website on their website members and family members can find any information imaginable anything from member benefits to what's going on in Washington DC or you can play games if you would like on their website they are a group that pays for everything through the paid membership dues and not government funding in Washington they are the aging Americans voice on issues such as social security affordable healthcare they also encourage and influence the marketplace to offer new and more affordable choices for the aging American AARP spend their money on researching new ways to provide the members information on aging with dignity and being able to achieve their lifetime goals the revenue for AARP was 16,048,960 and their expenses what were 1,562,766,940. I think this interest group acts as an excellent

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