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An Obligatory Uniform Policy

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Michael slowly awakes to the chirping of birds and the sun beaming down upon him. He hops out of bed, and opens his closet to reveal several identical blue and white uniforms. He quickly selects one, and does no fret about what his friends will think or if it matches. This ideal situation occurs in the everyday life of millions of students, like Michael, who attend a school with a mandatory uniform policy. A uniform policy is a set of guidelines that govern what clothes are acceptable to wear to school. Uniforms should be obligatory in all schools because they reduce distractions, improve academic performance, and enhance the safety of a school.

Uniforms prevent the distractions that clothing and jewelry can cause. A recent study suggests, “It (uniform wear) allows for students to get along better and not separate themselves because of social interactions outside of school” (Richards). The procedure would also prevent scholars from worrying about the latest fashion trends, which would give them more time and energy to focus on schoolwork. In the schools requiring uniforms to be worn, teachers have reported a better learning environment and more interest in the classroom. Uniforms help reduce the many distractions found throughout every school.

The academic performance of a student determines various aspects of their life, such as college or a career. Most people agree that academics are very important, so why not improve grades using uniforms? Seamon, Schultink, and Slocun performed a study using two schools with similar socio-economic statuses to identify the effect of uniforms. The school with the uniform policy reported higher academic scores and attendance. This analysis proves that school uniforms allow students to turn their attention to education, rather than pieces of clothing. Uniforms help scholars focus on the reason they come to school, to learn. Academic performance is drastically improved in schools that have an obligatory uniform policy.


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