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Childhood Vs Adulthood

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Childhood vs Adulthood

Childhood and adulthood are completely different, but they are both equally important times in our lives. Immediately after birth, childhood stage begins. After attaining the age of eighteen years, adulthood sets in where most people begin to depend on their own. Both childhood and adulthood stages are important in one’s Life. Childhood experiences contribute to an outstanding adulthood later in life. People tend to learn a lot of life skills and other important things while in their childhood. Adulthood makes people to be more responsible. People already know what is required of them in their lives. I personally believe that child hood was the best time of life.

First off childhood proves to be much more relaxing than adulthood, for many reasons. As a child I did not have to worry about many things that adults do, because I was always dependent on others. Children usually depend on their parents or legal guardians for almost everything, from the littlest to the largest things. As a child I had no responsibilities what so ever, I never have to worry about earning money, running the household, paying bills, buying groceries and or paying the mortgage! I was the center of the universe, and the outside world had no impact on me.

Secondly childhood is the golden period of a person’s life; to a certain extent this statement is quite true. Children have more joys than sorrows. Childhood is, after all, about finding joy in every moment. Childhood is all about making mistakes and learning from them. For me childhood was a growing period, a stage in life were I could explore and test the boundaries. Children are like free birds, and childhood is about living every moment to the fullest extent and laughing off the problems of life. When you’re an adult it feels like you’re in a race against time, but childhood is not a race it’s a journey, thus making it more pleasurable than adulthood.

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