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Com111 Practice Assignment 1

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Neil Hughes

Professor Julia May


COM 111

Practice Assignment #1

  1. Communication is a vital factor when it comes to organization’s striving to achieve their goals. An organization does not run off one person or department; it involves many employees working together in order to help the company achieve success.  Constantly exchanging information about the organization’s ideas, plans, status, and results of work assists in keeping everyone on the same page and utilizing the same information when trying to improve.
  2. The information age is an exciting time in the means of communication in terms of an organization. There are constantly new innovations in today’s day and age that make communication easier and more efficient for employees. With the advent of the Internet as well, all it takes is a click of a button to find out information about nearly anything at any moment. This has made the workplace a much more efficient environment for employees to thrive in.
  3. The implications that globalization brings to organizational communication is that the distance will make it much harder to communicate. Perhaps even thirty years ago, it may have been a bit of a tall order. However, it is easier than ever to communicate with people across the globe. We are able to instant message anyone free of cost on the other side of the world. Even if two people don’t speak the same language, there are services that can break that barrier such as Google Translate. It has been easier than ever to maintain communications on a global basis in modern times.
  4. The biggest feature about classical theory is that the organization functions like a machine, and that structure is the biggest key factor. This involves employees performing repetitive tasks, and is usual ideal when dealing with companies that mass produce products. The humanistic theory on the other hands focuses more on the workers rather than structure. The theory states that efficiency can be increased from employees by giving them more encouragement and recognition, rather than using something like monetary incentives. Also, creating an ideal working environment for employees to be satisfied in is a large factor in this theory. Finally, the systems theory takes a look at a system sort of like an organism. Each part has its job, however it can be much more than that if it expresses synergy and interdependency. Changing one part of the system will usually affect other part’s behaviors. In my perspective, the systems theory looks for a good balance of teamwork, efficiency, and happiness, while keeping a good amount of space between different parts of an organization.
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