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Day at the Beach in the Way to Rainy Mountain

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In The Way to Rainy Mountain, by Scott Momaday, the death of Scott Momaday's grandmother, Aho, fosters a desire to return to his cultural roots in order to learn more about both his grandmother and to carry on the legacy of the Kiowa tribe. Scott Momaday returns to the traditional land of the Kiowa Tribe, Northwest of the Wichita Mountain range in Oklahoma. He does this immerse himself in the world of his grandmother, “I wanted to see in reality what she had seen more perfectly in the mind's eye, and traveled 1500 miles to begin my pilgrimage” (Momaday 2505- 2506). Monday reveals how his Grandmother could pass down, and share, stories from generations in the past, many of which she had never actually experienced. Momaday travels around the plains of the United States like the ancient herds of buffalo the Kiowa used to hunt. He does this in order to better connect to these stories and ideas from his grandmother. On this journey Momaday learns more about his grandmother, his culture and himself. Similar to Momoday, Penny Kuehl believes, “Everyone has roots, but it's not just the main parts, but the dirt that surrounds the roots that holds everything together” (But Who Am I Jones). Revealing his grandmother’s traditional beliefs

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