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Double Indemity Femme Fatale Analysis

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Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity was a classic Femme Fatale film that showed the stereotypes of women in the 20th century while putting a dastardly twist on the Morales of the woman star. In the beginning of the film Phyllis seemed to be an innocent character that was being neglected by her husband and seeking attention from the handsome insurance salesman the seemingly walked into her life out of nowhere. She was an attractive star and used this to her advantage to manipulate Walter into doing her every wish without suspecting a thing about her true intentions.

Phyllis was a strong and confident woman, that used the fragile housewife stereotype to her advantage. In the 20th century, and still seen today in part, women are seen as weak and simply supporting characters to the men in the world. The man was the “decider” so to speak, and was expected to be included in every major decision if not made entirely on his own. When she took the life insurance policy out on her husband it would seem absurd if anyone would have found out, but if it had been her husband doing the same to her without her permission no one would have looked down upon it if it became public. The housewives of the 20th century had not yet reached the levels of respect that they have today, and still have improvement to be made in todays society.

Phyllis’ character was one of deceit, manipulation, and strength. Her confidence and self-belief that would normally be praised were used for dastardly deeds, but can still be taken as a sign of good qualities. She was unafraid of what her husband might have done, even if she portrayed otherwise during her conversations with Walter, because she knew that she could outsmart him in any field applicable. Her portrayal of the Femme Fatale character was extremely evident throughout the movie, as from the very moment Walter walked into

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