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Family, a System Important to Personal Developing, Need Positive Communication

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Family, a system important to personal developing,

need positive communication

Zhang, Dongqing


Family is important to adolescentsЎЇ personality building and future developing. Because of population control policy, most of family consists one child and two adults. And we are the first generation after this nation guideline executed, growing up with problems and conflicts to our parents, we pay an increasing number of attention on dealing with the relationship between parents and us.

Memorizing my early age as adolescent, I find the corn problem which effects family relationship most is communication, and it also integrates a lot of psychology factors. IЎЇd like to reason the key points and give my own advices later.

Family is important

Have you ever asked yourself questions like: Ў°how did my parents bring me up?Ў±, Ў°how did the way they reared me influence what IЎЇm liking today?Ў± I did, every time I consider my life experience in nearly twenty years I asked myself again and again. For anybody knows parent play an important role in family, the breadwinner, the charger of such a small unity, the guider of childrenЎЇs schooling. However, there are plenty of parents unsure about the EQ area they affect their childЎЇs personal developing in daily actions, until they read some studies of family living casually.

Relationship (Frank D Cox &Carol Canada, 1994)

Adolescent behavior and Development Parenting

We talk about the period of adolescents from age 12 to 18, which we just passed over is showing strongly relates to parentsЎЇ social-value leading. It can separate into two parts as internal and external. (Frank D Cox &Carol Canada, 1994) In internal area, family value caring (age 1-11) cause equality and social justice (12-18) is most important part. The other positive values like integrity, honesty, responsibility, Self-esteem, healthy lifestyle and sexual attitudes are affected by early family education.

Moreover, family support and Positive family communication take up the first two places in external condition. (Frank D Cox &Carol Canada, 1994) From this chart description, it is no doubt to say your parents have the innermost duty to your positive view of personal future evolution process building. ThatЎЇs the reason why two children got similar talent when they were young, but developed in different way later, one might make achievement, but another one might become nothing.

The biggest problem between parents and adolescent

Although our parents knew that family is significant to childrenЎЇs life more or less, and they think they should do something for us not only with the money issue, most of them find itЎЇs easy saying but hart to do.

The biggest problem between parents and adolescent is fall short of positive communication. Ў°Every day when I go back home, the first thing my mom told me is Ў®Why are you coming so late?ЎЇ Ў®Did you get A today?ЎЇ Ў®You should final your homework first, and donЎЇt forget to check it twice!ЎЇ Ў± Many friends complained to me in senior school. Begin with the age of schooling they lost their freedom, actually speaking they never got it from they were

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