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Gambling in the Community

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Gambling Affecting Community

Gambling affecting the community, by people that has a habit of doing things. Gambling can be a good thing and also can be a very bad thing. Especially, towards your family, gambling is a major problem. I know people that go inside casinos and loose their whole check.

That’s bad, because now do not no money to feed your family, or any benefits towards them. Majority of the time it if men that has a gambling problem. With women it is unconstantly with them because they no how to stop. I think the problem be the alcohol in gambling spots be the problem with gambling habits.

Because when you are drunk you do nowwhere are you sometimes. Some people cannot control the alcohol in their system. When you are drunk you just do things just to be during it. Also, gambling can affect many people independence towards themselves, and others.

Gambling can take a man motivation away from

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