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Global Warming Issue and Solution Essay

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These days, the modern world is rapidly developing along with the rise in global warming, which has been a controversy over the recent decades. Although global warming is a naturally continuous process, the overloaded activities of human speed this phenomenon. However, there is a wide range of solutions that are practical to alleviate this problem.

        First and foremost, there is little doubt that human daily as well as industrial activities are the prominent contributors to global warming. For instance, one of the underlying reasons is the uncontrolled consumption in natural resources. That people overuse these materials has made greenhouse gases to ascend and thus cause the average temperature increase. Secondly, the sharply growing population nowadays also engenders many issues that lead to global warming. In other words, activities to meet the demand of the gargantuan population such as transportations or manufacturing obviously aggravate this environmental issue. Not but not least, it is undeniable that environmental pollution literally derives from our bad habits and insufficient consciousness. In this term, not throwing trash accurately or destroying forests for farming and living space can be named as.

        Meanwhile, no matter how serious the issue is, several solutions should be adopted to partly eliminate the detrimental effects of global warming. In my point of view, the utmost approach is to ameliorate people awareness about the problem. The country leaders, socialists and especially educators by all means should make their citizen have a sense of environmental responsibility and understand the importance of protecting the environment. Moreover, we need to reduce the amount of heat-trapping emission released into the atmosphere in order to significantly address global warming. As individuals, it is effective if attempt to reduce the carbon emission such as using public transports in lieu of personal cars. Finally, no wonder if it is said that every government should have policy to control the proliferation of population and consequently prevent us from using up all of the world’s resources to maintaining human living standard.

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