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Higher Education Act

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Higher Education Act

The red and blue lights turn on followed by the siren. You pull over to the side of the road and nervously get your license and registration out. The officer comes to the car and tells you that it smells like marijuana. Then he says, “Who’s got the dope?” He searches the car and finds a baggy with marijuana in it. You are being arrested for possession of marijuana. As a result of this mistake you now have to go to jail, later be reamed by your parents, harassed by your friends, and pay hundreds of dollars in legal fees. Later that year, while applying for financial aid, you are again punished for this one mistake by being denied financial aid. “To date, more than 160,000 financial aid applicants have been denied aid as a result of the drug provision in the Higher Education Act”(Wibby). The Drug Provision of the Higher Education Act is unreasonable and needs to

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