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History of Educational Reform

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History of Educational Reform

Today new school reforms have been formulated. These reforms are created to form individuals into becoming financially advanced and globally competitive persons. The very means to gauge the progress of the new reform is through test scores. Standardized tests and the test scores are now tantamount to accountability, transforming the educational system into a dehumanized market institution. The school is seen as a capital investment and is now measured according to financial value. Today’s school reforms have seemed to do away with the notion of schools “helping to create people who are fully developed as human beings and as democratic citizens.” (Tyack D. 1997) However, amidst the prevailing regress in today’s education and contentions on reforms, Americans hold schools as the means to change and influence society. No other institution in the culture is solely devoted to developing mental powers, and the existence both of powerful means of psychological and political influence through the organized media and of an

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