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Webster’s New World Dictionary defines acceptance as the act of accepting; the fact of being accepted. Being accepted seems to be the story of my life. For one simple reason - homosexuality. Homosexuality is the most simply defined as the tendency to be sexually attracted to members of one’s own sex. On a more personal level, it is a feeling and a state of mind, it’s where most my emotional, social and physical needs are met. There is a few common questions people ask: why did I choose to be gay? What is it like? Do I think I will spend the rest of my life in this manner?

First of all, it is my firm belief that homosexuality is not choice. Why do heterosexuals choose to like the opposite sex? It’s more of something he or she is born with. People will simply be attracted to whom their body will like to endeavor. I would like to start off by saying that in this free nation, what someone does in his or her own house, or bedroom for that matter, is their own business and no one has any right to dictate or limit the terms of those actions so long as the constitutional rights of all involved individuals are being preserved. While some opponents of homosexuality often claim that it is “unnatural” for me, my homosexual feelings were very natural, indeed. Understanding homosexuality is a challenge for many people.

If an individual were homosexual, it was considered a secret to be kept from all family, friends, and society. No one knows their secrets; no one shares pains. No one will stop others from name calling, if the name calling is about homosexuality. Who would dare to speak up? No one speaks up, not in junior high and high school. College atmosphere seems easier to express and participate in pride events, but he or she will always be considered as a second class citizen.

Many religious followers also disagree and look down upon the gay community. They believe it’s unnatural and that the individuals who are homosexual are going

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