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Impact of Kids Participating in Team Sports

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The Impact of Kids Participating in Team Sports

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The Impact of Kids Participating in Team Sports

Teamwork has been defined in innumerable ways but all agree on the fact that it is collaborative, cooperative and coordinated effort with an objective of attaining the same goal. The significance of any teamwork is that members coalesce their abilities to accomplish a common goal. Not only does working as a team improve the performance of the team, but also players take home very vital lessons that come in handy in other aspects of their lives (Karvelas, 1998). Playing as a team is very social, very interactive and involving a lot of creativity. It gives the children a sense of belonging to a team and a community. Children shouldn’t just be in sports to work out and be better at that sport. Rather, they should develop key life skills that make them better human beings. The might of a team really is determined by individual contributory efforts. It is essential to have good talented team members but even much more important to espouse teamwork to reap success as a team. Whilst at it, every person should convey ambition, trust, enthusiasm and an appreciation for being part of the team.

One of the main benefits of teamwork is cooperation. Kids appreciate the need to cooperate with their fellow team members, even those they don’t have lots of love for. The kids are able to learn how to keep personal differences aside and concentrate on the objective of the team. They realize that unless every member of the team is involved and gives 100% then it’s not possible to succeed. This translates even in classwork and at home in the sense that kids understand that the team is primary and individual players are not as important as the team. Another great advantage of teamwork is that kids build relationships and are able to freely able to socialize. Sports bring them together since it’s a love and an interest they share. The very silent and shy kids are forced to interact with their playmates which goes a long way in helping them overcome their shyness. Bonding in the team indicates how successful a team would prove to be. Encouragement and congratulatory words does build the confidence in kids. Having an enhanced self-image from a tender age really much puts one in control of their lives and immediate environment. Needless to say, being part of a team forms great friendships that run into adulthood and beyond. (Rodd, 2002).

Teamwork incorporates pitting teams against teams where each team gives their all to win in the spirit of healthy competition. Players get to know that they must always strive to the best of their ability no matter how hard the circumstances are. Through this kids will be accustomed to working hard which is an important attribute that is paramount to success in life, be it education or career. Kid players also learn to accept both winning and losing are important elements of life and how they react to either is very vital for their success in the long run.

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