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Knowlegde of Abortion

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Knowledge of abortion, and laws for reformed abortion.


There is a young woman who went to have an abortion in a clinic in Texas. Due to her medical needs and abortion was critical to save her life. While there she was put under the scrutiny of picadors. While her abortion was needed, she sat next to a lady who was young and told her to not be scared that she had done this before. Which made the young lady ask her why she was there and how many times has she had this done. The women replied to her stating that she has had 5 abortions because she did not like to use a condom. This is a prime example of why abortion laws need reform and why there are some people who really need to abort. While there are others how just shouldn’t be allowed to have the option. Abortion is very controversial and a really touch subject. However, society needs to stop worrying about upsetting someone and put some laws in place. As well as, education Americans about abortion and the different laws that vary from state to state. Society needs to know the history of abortion, the laws that are in place,

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