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Media Reaction Paper

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I believe that the media today is far more diverse and accomplished than outlets of old. I prefer not to talk about one television show or article per say, but I what see as a developing problem in the media today. The major setback for the media is lack of good news when it comes to diversity and stereotyping. Every time we turn on the television we see nothing but disappointing events attached to people of all different backgrounds. Perception is reality, and what we are constantly inundated with on television leads to our perceived logic on the subject of ethnic groups and diversity.

I can only name two things that are reported daily, whether in the print media or the television that is not of a constantly negative angle; sports and weather. The viewing or reading communities are left with only two positive things to look at in the paper or on television and even those are sometimes negative in content. Today the main headline on web page is about a man that murdered little girls in a school in the Amish country in Pennsylvania. Isn’t there anything good going on right now? Today’s top story from the Iraq war is, “Women dying in combat.” Is that the only thing that happened there today? I seriously doubt it.

One of my biggest problems with the media today is the coverage of the Iraqi war. The amount of media coverage with regard to the controversy in Iraq serves to scare the American public into stereotyping those individuals of Arab background or religious affiliation. Many Americans dislike Muslims just because of how the media portrays their lifestyle. Does the media report that the Muslim religion by nature is one of peace? No, all we hear about is extremist groups performing suicide bombing acts to help disintegrate American relationships within the Muslim community. All over the country of Iraq there are solders, airmen, sailors, and marines doing great things that solely benefit the people of Iraq, not the United States government. It is a shame that the only media outlets that are willing to report this are sources like that Air Force Times.

When these reports on the war are published it goes to further the propaganda. People just starting to look at Muslims in a negative way, and it has a domino effect on several people and cultures. When all we see is the bad in the world associated with a certain person or a certain culture, we as Americans are quick to lump those events in with everyone from that background or culture.

Another example that I could

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