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My Ethical Decision Making Paper

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My Ethical Decision Making Paper

Erica Bell


Paul Noel

September 21, 2015

      University of Phoenix


This going to talk about the my Ethic Awareness Inventory. I found this to be the very in interesting.  According to (Psychology Dictionary)”Ethical Dilemma is defined as the situation where two moral principles are in conflict with each other and it is used to assess moral beliefs or moral reasoning skills”.  I agree that people ethic beliefs are different and not everyone would agree with your ethic choices, but I will be talking about my ethical perspective in my Ethics Awareness Inventory and my ethical perspective and ethical style and my obligation.  In this essay it will talk about my ethical awareness and how it deals with law enforcement.


In my awareness worksheet I like to see how ethical perspective is on someone’s job and what and how they things the correct way. I like to see if they think with the head and with their heart. I do believe that people think with what they think is right at the moment and they do realize the problem that may happen when they do the wrong thing. If you look at police officers. They work long hours and they work hard cases. Some of them work in different forms of the law enforcement departments and they are faced with temptations that they are not sure if they can do it. If you take police officers that work in the drug and vice squad, they are face with temptations of drugs and drinking. Some of them believe that they have to do the drugs to make their cover more believable.  I believe that ethical conduct appeals to someone’s “conscience”  in judging whether a person’s action are ethical, in my ethical worksheet it states that “ I find that I look to the intent behind his/her actions, rather than focusing on results”. For me, do you do something because it is right. Do you steal because it is there. I know that when law enforcement are doing a drug bust they must see a lot of money. I think see it is very tempting. Do you steal it because the bad guys don’t need it or you do the right thing by putting it in evidence, because it is the right thing to do and it is part of your job. What about when an officers is fighting and a suspect is yelling in the officers face, do you yell back or do you have some form of control I think actions speak louder then words and it is a form of being ethical as a police officer

In my ethical style it states “I believe that human beings have some form of intrinsic views. I don’t believe that money or gifts should be a factor it should be what comes from the inside of a person.” I agree with this finding because Money and power should not be a factor when it come to you doing your job.  Most police officers don’t became police officers for the fame, power or money. They become police officer because its a calling. If you ask a police officer why they do it. They say it’s because they love what they do. They don’t look for money. They see it as being part of who they are. The danger and all. As I am learning police officer get offer a lot of things. Free food, coffee and some even drugs. I think it is great police officers don’t always accept it, but I do find that it is a “gray line” because people do offer them as a way to say thank you. I remember after 911 people was really grateful for all that the police did that they wanted to say thank you for being police officers. So I do think that it great that you do a job not based on money or gift, but because you love it. I think a lot of police officers don’t stop when they do stop loving the job and that is when temptation comes in factor.  In my awareness worksheet is states “I think any individual is denied the opportunities to which he/she is entitled as a human being”.  I find that in law enforcement, people should be allowed think for themselves and that they can decide what to do next  Some police officers don’t care about race, sex or religion.  They believe that everyone is entitle to respect. I do believe that their is some “Bad apples” in the bunch and they people should all judge all police officers in that way. When I was in high school my friend had a bad experience with a police officer and we were stopped by one and she got all freaked out.  I seen people that believe that all law enforcement officers are dirty cops because of where they live. Some people are from different countries and seen law enforcement and “dirty cops” and that they can be easy bought. Or some people believe that cops are all “racist”. I know cops that don’t care what race you are. They believe that you are guilty because of the crime you did not because the color of your skin. That believe that if you commit a crime than you are guilty and should pay for it.  I think the world we live in hold law enforcement responsible for what they do and say. I see that now in society, Law enforcement are now required to have their every move recorded. I do think society really have to say a lot about what law enforcement do while they wear the uniform. I think that I hold most things dear most and they are not easily measured. I do believe things such as Good and evil; the wrong way of doing thing and the correct way of doing things  and  human life is value. In law enforcement Police officers have to follow rules and the law. There are good cops and bad cops and police officers that do the right thing and some that do the wrong thing. I do understand that police officers are going to be confronted with all forms of temptations and some of them honor and resist that temptation and report it and some that don’t.   In law enforcement, police officers have to resolve problems and they have to compromise to solve those problems. Law enforcement officers have to think on their feet and they may not always have to do the right choice, but they have to deal with frustrations in facing and addressing their ethical dilemmas. Police officers and law enforcement officers have to face ethical dilemmas everyday. They must not give in. There are going to be undercover work where drugs and drinking may come in to factor. There are good cops and bad cops and some that give in  to temptation.

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