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Negligence Torts (sans)

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caucasianhe importance of his appearance. The white skin and blue eyes make him detached from the native community, whilst the Ojibway culture furthers him from the non-native community. Regardless of location, Taylor is the “odd-one out” and always seems to be isolated. Throughout the text, we see how he has dealt with this predicament.

3. Cowboys versus Indians is a game akin to Cops and Robbers, where one team is the “bad team” and must escape from the “good team”. In Cowboys versus Indians, the cowboys are considered good whilst the Indians are deemed bad. This is problematic as this furthers the false, bias, and negative history surrounding Europeans and Native Indians. Taylor, when growing up in the reserves, played the game but in a different way. “Whenever we played cowboys and Indians, guess who had to be the bad guy, the cowboy.” One can see that to the natives, the traditional roles are flipped (Cowboys are “bad”, whilst Indians are “good”). This irony makes sense considering the unstable relationship that aboriginal groups have had with europeans. Moreover, Taylor was made to play as, and was considered to be like the cowboy since he was white and appeared european, but ironically had all the mannerisms/cultural knowledge of his peers.

4. Whilst Taylor struggles with his identity, he states that he “often tried the philosophical approach about the whole thing.” he concludes that “I have both white and red blood in me, I guess that makes me pink.” Taylor relates colors to his two conflicting identities. He considers his european side as “white blood” and his native, Ojibway

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