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What are our issues with overseas competiton? Simply, the loss of paying jobs in the United States to less developed countries. Our country is lossing jobs that were once based in the U.S. to this countries that are willing to work more for a pay that is so much less. It is hard to compete; the workers in countries like China,Africa and in India are in desperate need for any kind of work. Their wages, that are lower than deserved, are well paying jobs to them. This essay is being written to help inform those about the problems and controversial benefits

with outsourcing.

It is hard to think kindly of these companies that are taking advantage of communication technologies and unemploying Americans to employing non-American workers. It is all simply for that extra dollar. One of the largest businesses in these countries is in telecommunication. Any kind of job that does not involve face to face contact can be sent overseas. Many U.S. companies that have call help centers, have them located in other countries. All they need is a little English training and they are ready to talk over the phone.

The jobs being lost in America are hurting certain communities, but not really the overall economy yet. It is up for debate between government critics and government officials whether or not the move of jobs overseas is good or not. The government side debates that the moving of labor is lowering cost of goods, due to the decrease in production cost from the cheap labor. More spending, more circulation and thus a stronger economy. On the other side, critics are saying that corporate America is gaining a lot

more than the common people. Giving businesses more leverage against unions because of their ability to threat with job losses, without a negative effect on the business.

Both sides of the argument are strong and make their good points, but there is another more broad view on this all. Yes, it may or may not be hurting the United State's economy, but without a doubt it is helping our overall global economy. For a worker who is putting in twelve hours a day, for six days a week, working a telemarketing job; they would be making roughly the same amount as a part-time McDonalds cashier. Some might see this as unfair, but in reality that person is making a great living. The value of money in some countries is so much more less than here in the United States, so five-thousand dollars a year is a great living.

The new jobs in these countries are helping their economy slowly grow. We definitely

need to keep an open mind on this whole subject, seeing how its helping many and giving new lives to those who had no chances in life. One of the larger businesses moving overseas is those involved with telecommunication. Jobs like, telemarketing and call help center personal. Counting only call help center jobs in Africa alone, excluding Ghana and Kenya, there has been as many as fifty-four thousand jobs provided to the people. That is only a small fraction compared to the six million call help center personal jobs worldwide.

It is also helping setup a stronger

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