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Project Management

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Project Conflict Resolution Procedure


This template is designed to assist the project manager to attain higher workforce performance by reducing problems associated with inadequate or unconstructive responses to conflict in the workplace.


1. Confirm that your company does not have a conflict resolution procedure already.

1.1. If the company requires that a corporate policy be developed, use the italicized text to begin development of the policy and procedure.

1.2. If the company does not want a corporate policy use the non-italicized text to develop conflict resolution guidelines for the project and continue with Step 2.

2. Modify the text to conform to the needs of your project.

2.1. One item that must be added is the number of days, marked in the text as . Consider starting with “5 working days.”

3. Have HR or legal staff approve your modified version of conflict resolution guidance for use in your project.

4. At the beginning of the project, introduce this procedure as a recommended procedure for the project workforce.

5. Monitor during the project to ensure that the conflict resolution guidance is being used consistently.

Conflict Resolution Template

This policy and procedure has been designed to ensure that policies are applied consistently and to provide an effective method for a non-supervisory employee to present his/her concerns to management and resolve them internally.


This policy provides a review of problems in order to respond to employees quickly and in a consistent manner.

Problems, misunderstandings and frustrations may arise in the workplace. We wish to make it clear that any employee who is confronted with a problem has various means available which may be used for resolution or clarification of the issue involved. Thus, we currently provide the following guidelines of communication.

Employees should generally be assured that no one will be retaliated against for filing a good faith complaint under this procedure. An employee must have successfully completed his/her introductory trial review period in order to file a complaint.

Procedure (Or Conflict Resolution Guidance)

It is our intent to be responsive to our employees and their concerns; therefore, the following conflict resolution procedure has been established.


1. Employees should initially direct their concerns with whom their complaint exists. The employee's supervisor should be the first source of assistance. If the complaint is with the employee's supervisor, the employee should schedule an appointment with his/her immediate supervisor to discuss the problem giving rise to the complaint within working days in which the incident occurred.

2. The immediate supervisor should respond in writing to the informal complaint within days of the meeting held with the complainant employee.


1. If the discussion with the immediate supervisor does not resolve the problem to the mutual satisfaction of the employee and the supervisor, or if the supervisor does not respond to the complaint, the employee may submit a written complaint. The submission of the written complaint is due within working days of the response of the supervisor and must include:

• The problem and the date

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