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Prostitutes Galore

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Do you find the above shocking? You should not, really, because Malays in particular and Malaysians in general have been taught from a very young age that prostituting yourself is good and extremely profitable.

I know many PAS supporters who for years will maintain the �semangat perjuangan Islam’ and then, on Polling Day, will accept RM50 cash and a piece of kain pelekat from Umno and vote for the ruling party. Yes, that’s right, for RM50 and a piece of cloth they will prostitute themselves and will vote Umno. Imagine this: the top two PAS Terengganu warlords, Hadi Awang and Mustapha Ali, were toppled with a mere RM50 and a piece of cloth.

These PAS people who prostituted themselves were the same people who stood in front of the Cendering mosque and stubbornly faced the police armed with M16s and defied the police to shoot. “We are prepared to die for Islam!” screamed the old men in white skullcaps and turbans and women in tudong to the shivering police who lowered their M16s and released their fingers from the trigger. But for RM50 and a piece of cloth they are quite prepared to prostitute themselves and place Islam below their feet.

See what money can do? And can you now understand why Malays are quite happy to prostitute themselves? So why complain? Why grumble? Why get all hot and bothered? Why rush out to buy a plane ticket to London to meet this �unfortunate’ girl unless it’s for…..hmmmm…...Azalina……Nazri……naughty, naughty…….

Yes, Malays can be bought. And when you can be bought you are a prostitute …..okay, political prostitute, but still prostitutes nevertheless. So what’s the big deal? You sell your vote. You sell your principles. You sell your country. You sell your religion. And you sell your body as well. Why get all upset when someone sells her body when selling everything else is no different from selling your body?

Okay, you may argue that selling your body is dangerous. You may get AIDS. Hey, have you not heard of safe sex? Safe sex means: take precautions. Check the ceiling and below the bed to make sure there are no hidden video cameras. Chua Soi Lek failed to practice safe sex and see where that got him. And please do not do your own recording as well. You may forget to delete the files from your notebook computer before sending it to the repair shop -- and guess what will happen.

One computer technician told me that the first thing they do when they receive a PC for repair is to check the files for �private’ videos. Then they download all these files and make copies for their friends. You will be surprised how many VIPs and VVIPs have this penchant for recording their �private moments’ and then forget to delete the files thereafter.

Actually, prostitution helps prevent AIDS -- Acquired Income Deficiency Syndrome. And that is why many Malays who suffer from Acquired Income Deficiency Syndrome are quite happy to prostitute their votes or principles for the right sum of money -- and then retire to a life of leisure laced with golf, shopping, overseas trips, Dangdut, Karaoke, and all. 24 hours in a day is no longer enough. With so much money to spend and so many things to spend it on there is no longer enough hours in a day to do it all.

Chinese too, of course, enjoy prostituting themselves. They are quite happy to be the prostitute in an Ali Baba arrangement although they know they are getting a raw deal. As what Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad once said: 90% of the income and corporate tax is paid by the Chinese. And this tax goes into the government coffers. And the Malay political masters will scam this money with the help of the Chinese businessmen.

Can you see the irony of this whole thing? Almost all the tax comes from the Chinese, so the money actually belongs to the Chinese. Then the Chinese cooperate with the Malays to rob this money. This means the Chinese are helping the Malays rob the Chinese. And they complain about the New Economic Policy. Porah! Without the New Economic Policy how else can the Chinese prostitute themselves by cooperating with the Malays to rob the money that the Chinese pay by way of tax?

The Chinese say that the Malays control all the GLCs. Therefore, the GLCs are Bumiputera owned. And this means the Malays own 20% of the economic pie and not 2% as many claim. Okay, 20% is slightly short of the 30% target, they argue. But at least it is far higher than the 1.5% that the Malays owned at the start of the NEP in 1970.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret. The individual or personal holding of the Malays is actually 2%. That is the money that

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