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Secrets of Bush

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A thorough scientific analysis of the swirl of events, people, nations, motivations, propaganda, personalities and histories involved in this current moment in history, leads to only one conclusion - That clandestine forces aligned with George Bush Sr. are planning to attack the US population, blame it on Islamic terrorists and use the attacks as a pretext for a total clamp-down on dissent, basic civil liberties, normal democratic processes and In the confusion that will follow they will wage unchecked war and aggression against Iraq, and other nations, Islamic and otherwise, who have natural resources and particularly oil reserves that this shadowy group of petrochemical and arms industrialists are thirsting for. Their ultimate goal? The conquest of Eurasia. Three quarters of the worlds population and resources are to be found on the Eurasian landmass. It has been the principal focus of State Department and military strategists since presidential National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski outlined it twenty years ago as the principle American “Imperative.” Meaning - To survive, we MUST conquer. But what of all those nations that we will be conquering? According to Brzezinski and his cabal of adherents in the Military and State Department and industry for whom his writings are like a biblical tome - it’s for their own good.

The problem Brzezinski says is that most average American’s don’t have a taste for crusades of global conquest...


...there’s a sudden terrifying threat.

In his latest book, The Grand Chessboard, Brzezinski drills his followers no less than four times that only sudden and terrifying threats would rouse Americans to the task of global conquest.

With the opening salvo of September 11th behind them, American’s are being, “softened up” right now for their first “Dirty Bomb,” attack. If there was ever so sinister an imaginary catastrophic device that had been so entirely concocted out of thin air, so heavily promoted in the media and ultimately steered to what will almost certainly be the dramatic conclusion of a self fulfilling media stoked prophecy - to be fabricated first in our imaginations then ignited in the real world - It is the dirty bomb. Find out the “Generators” of the dirty bomb “meme” that took off like wildfire eight months ago and you will find the very source of American terrorism.

But it’s not going to be easy. Covert operators like this don’t leave memos of their machinations laying around - They don’t write this in e-mails. But they do leave traces of their presence.

The analysis of the “Chatter,” voxnyc is receiving and interpreting points to only one conclusion - Teams of private ex-intelligence and ex-military operatives under the command structure of the axis of industrialists aligned with the Bush group of current and ex, intelligence and military operatives, are racing to consolidate total power in the hands of George Bush Jr. in the most ambitious power grab since Adolf Hitler.

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To make it very clear our analysis is the following: The much vaunted radiological dirty bomb will NOT be dropped on the American population from any Islamic terrorists but from the shadowy group of American intelligence operatives aligned with George Bush Sr. (the father)

Americans have been made, “aware,” of the dirty bomb for over six months now and have had the dirty bomb “meme” firmly linked to, “Islamic Terrorists.” This is how it’s done. It’s called the, “Back Story.” And it is part of the preparatory propaganda intelligence agencies call a Psy-op (psychological operation). These Psy-ops in actuality comprise nearly 70% of the overall human and capital resources our government devotes to a given geo-strategic objective - only 30% is bullets and bombs. But even with the many millions spent on painting these elaborate Psy-op pictures, it doesn’t take a forensic analysis to uncover some troubling clues within them - Something terribly wrong in the picture. Like a Hollywood special effects extravaganza - all glitz but light on story, these psy-ops which always accompany the dirty business of America’s, industry, military, intelligence triad, are the shoddy screenplays that, to the trained eye, are unconvincing, unbelievable, and scream out - "Inside Job."

(The 70/30 split is a general rule. But my guess is that with the Bushes - Because of their unique position of owning the Arms companies involved, their percentage of outlay to the bloody component would prove to be abnormally high. Each time a Texas based Raytheon cruise missile rocks some empty valley in

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