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Special Needs Students on the Job

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Do students with special needs get treated different on the job? Many people probably think that since somebody has special needs they can’t work or do anything on their own. I wanted to prove that this speculation wasn’t true. I went to three different places and asked them some questions about students with special needs. At these places, Target, Stanislaus Public Library, and Taco Bell I found some good information.

When I first got to Target I started to look at the employees a little bit and just observe. When I talked to the manager he was very nice and willing to answer my questions. I started off with the question of, “Do you hire people with special needs”? I asked some more questions and found out that they do hire people with special needs, they are on the same pay roll as the other people that do the same job as them and that they restock shelves and do a little cleaning also. I concluded the interview with, “How do your customers react to the employees with disabilities”? The manager told me that the customers really like knowing that there are companies that hire people with special needs. It felt good leaving Target knowing that they did hire people with special needs.

The next stop for my research was the Stanislaus Public Library. As soon as I walked in I knew they hired special needs people because there was one lady that was checking out a customer that was partially deaf and had a speech impairment. When I talked to the lady in charge I didn’t have to ask her if they hired people with special needs. I just asked her if they had the same pay scale as the other employees and what the customers thought of the employees. She told me that they did the same amount of work as the other employees and that they were just as good of workers, so they got the same pay. The employees don’t think any different of the

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