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Teacher Sex Scandalls

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Throughout history, teachers were admired, looked up to and respected. Sadly, recent studies have shown that some teachers have been using their position in authority to persuade youngsters into performing sexual acts. Prosecutors have stated that more teachers are abusing their position of authority, making it a crime, such as the case of Richard Neal Willetts; a 26-year-old man indicted for sexual acts performed on a minor while under his direct supervision. (, 2007) The heinous acts of these teachers are everlasting and leaving society with detrimental effects. Irregardless of where the responsibility falls; governments, communities and the general public should all come together to better educate and eliminate any possibilities of an adult utilizing his or her authoritative figure into manipulate the feeble minds of adolescents and stealing their innocence. While many individuals in authority have committed such acts, examining the lasting affects of those acts can be explored through case studies of educators who have used their position to manipulate young minds into participating in such acts.

Every time a new teacher/student sex scandal arises, the idea can be an overwhelming concept to grasp. пїЅTeachers are very extraordinary, and we place significant trust in them to do what is morally and ethically right.пїЅ(Grace, 2007). Teachers are paid to educate the youth, yet more and more scandals are finding their way into the halls of the educational system. Scandals surrounding teachers has become increasingly more prevalent, yet one must ask how an educator would find kids attractive, especially since many of those kids have barely gone through puberty. Furthermore and sadly enough, according to Steven B. Blum, psychologist for a sex offendersпїЅ program in Nebraska stated that male adolescents do not consider such acts as victimization but rather a blessing. It is in later years that those wounded become enlightened to the harm caused. (Woldnetdaily, 2007).

What is being said to these children; that they keep this a secret and continue with this kind of reckless behavior? Coercion and threats like пїЅIпїЅll fail you if you tell", are exploiting the authority arrangement as well as пїЅwho is going to believe you if you tell?пїЅ. Teachers can upstage the childпїЅs inclination by saying пїЅif you say anything IпїЅll get into a lot troubleпїЅ or пїЅif you tell, we canпїЅt be friends anymore." Recognition, gifts, personal gratification and a sensation of belonging are just a few of the things that can be given once the relationship has been developed. пїЅThe results are that the students feel accountable, something teachers use to their ascendancyпїЅ states author Charol Shakeshaft (Woldnetdaily, 2007). As a professor at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. that specializes in educational administration, she goes on later stating, пїЅTeachers don't distinguish what is happening as perversion, and children who are sexually mistreated are being convinced that true love is occurring. Many teachers state that all they are doing to the children is providing them with a love that is both romantic and parental." (Woldnetdaily, 2007).

Trials of testing trust are methods teachers do to distinguish if the student can keep his or her пїЅsecretпїЅ which is known as "grooming" пїЅ an observation that is common to most child molesters. Once the teacher selects a student, he or she gives the student special attention and rewards. After these rewards are given, they provide the student with great support and understanding; during which, physical and sexual behaviors are slowly increasing. The childпїЅs capability to maintain secrecy is the testпїЅs objective of grooming. Through progressive sexual behaviors the teachers can present the child with experiences that are precious to see how it desensitizes the child. Gaining approval from parents is another way to see if the secrecy of the grooming is working; if the child has never mentioned anything (Woldnetdaily, 2007). Shakeshaft also believes this method provides an opening for the teacher to investigate the secrecy at each step that the student makes.

The student becomes oblivious to the fact of right and wrong, and teachers believe the blame is one they should not have to shoulder. Yet, the redundant excuse those teachers rely on: It is not my fault because the child never mentioned, пїЅstopпїЅ (Woldnetdaily, 2007). Grooming occurs while accommodating a child with extras like supplementing help teaching them to play a musical instrument, recommendations on their inventions for a science project, or opportunities for extracurricular activities that may include camping and other outdoor recreational agendas. These connections not only produce a unique involvement with the students, they are also for the parents,

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