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The over Medication of Adhd

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Daniel Cross

Dr. Megan A. Boone

SOC 200-100F

Research Project Summary

Topic: The over medication of ADHD.

Define the Problem: Virtually every child with either behavioral problems or trouble paying attention gets diagnosed as ADHD or ADD and is prescribed medication for it, without extensive testing for ADHD.

Review of Literature:

“Medicating ADHD: Too much? Too soon?”

In this article they talk about a group study they do where they test the effectiveness of the medicine prescribed for ADHD and they also speak about the percentage of people that were on the meds previous to the testing groups and when they tested those children when they were off their medication for ADHD thoroughly and not many actually qualified for the disorder. They speak about the option of instead of giving every problem child medication just have better parenting and more fitted school programs.

“Problems of Overdiagnosis and Overprescribing in ADHD”

This article talks about how up until the 1980 ADHD was actually very rare in school children and non-existent in adults. But between the years of 1980 and 2007 the amount of patients diagnosed and medicated for ADHD increased eight-fold. Beginning in the 1990s Medicaid actually started making it harder to get the diagnoses. Reasons for the controversy are the parent’s fear of stimulant abuse and lack of evidence based diagnosis.

Formulate a Hypothesis: I believe that the diagnoses of ADHD is getting too common and the testing for the disorder should be more extensive and rigorous. Much like what Medicaid has done during the 1990s but even more so. Perhaps there should be a more studies done in more surefire ways to identify actually cases as compared to hyper kids.

Research Method: There could be numerous way to test this idea. One possible idea would be to hold anonymous polls of current ADHD patients and blatantly ask if they thing they actually need the medication or have taken advantage of the system. Although this would heavy depend on their honesty about the topic and it might be hard to get people to admit that they have worked over our healthcare system to give them an advantage in school or work. Other ways to test how many actual cases of ADHD there are would be to hold vigorous screening of people already medicated and see how many of them qualify for the medication after being put under further inspection.

Collecting the Data:  The key to collecting data would be volume. If the poll was taken it would be hard to verify the honest of the users and their willingness to admit that they don’t actually need the medication. Although if the medical screenings I mentioned earlier were implemented one it could lead to a more accurate and efficient way to diagnose ADHD. The subjects would have to be assured that if they don’t pass the test their active prescription won’t be suspended. But through this method I could tweak the screenings and try to adjust it correctly so that I could work out a process for 100% accurate diagnoses. Not only does this method give me an opportunity to test with the screening process but it could also help determine if the patients actually need medication. Not every person with ADHD needs stimulates. Only the more severe cases, more mild cases are actually just supposed to be dealt with and compensated for but now if you can pass the test you are guaranteed medication.

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