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What Determines Social Conflict According to Marxist Theory?

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Amirhossein Mohammadi rad 12 April 2018

what determines social conflict ? According to Marxist theory

Marxists theory is an socioeconomic analysis That analyses (Class conflict and class relations) combining Materialistic interpretation of historical development and a dialectical view of social transformation , Which was made by a German Philosopher/Sociologist/and more , called Karl Marx .In this essay we will focus on the factors that determine social conflict and the connectivity in between one another such as ; Power , alienation , dialectics , materialists history ,inequalities and more , Social conflict is the tension which exists in the society due to competing socioeconomic interests and desires between people of different classes at different levels of society as there are mainly 3 levels in the capitalist society which are as following Bourgeoisie (production owners) , Landowners , Proletariat ( who sell their labor for wages) ,We will be taking into account all the factors and their connectivity in-between one another to see how social conflict is occurred and how it cannot be solved , So according to Marxist Theory what determines social conflict ?

The materialist interpretation of historical development was considering how the society produced and reproduced the means of humans . According to Karl Marx from the beginning of epochs was as followed ;

Early human history which is when there were no different classes (primitive communism) adding that they all had the same interest (eat and survive) , Up to the ancient world where society got divided into two groups Social Elite and the Slaves(workers that were owned by social Elites , which is from where social conflict started and different interests grew , the in was the epoch of feudalism where the society similarly was divided into two groups aristocratic elite and the peasants (farmers and agricultural labourers with limited rights ) , Then we get to the Capitalism as was mentioned , Bourgeoisie (ruling class and owner of productions , Proletariat (workers) , He believed in abolishing the private ownership as this way class conflict would be resolved by dictatorship and the means of production would be held in common , He called it the end of history where communism comes In .

It is observed how social conflicts has been in the human life since the first epochs ,There have always been different classes in the society with different interests and beliefs .

Some other factors of social inequality are as one stated ; -Race , -age , -sex , - class , These inequalities are what brings in different interests , beliefs .

In the modern days people are forced to work in order to support their family with food and facilities of life , Workers have to be able to see themselves on what they are working in order to be motivated and proud of what they are doing , This is when the working class (Proletariat) would operate in a more efficient way to grow and get

better and better , but by the consequences excessive power of upper class and not having the ideal job the theory of alienation occurs .

On the other hand some argue that people with power in this case tend to be greedy and by having power they will want more and more , which the society makes it easy for them by them paying less taxes and getting richer while poorer pays more and gets poorer , adding that bourgeoisie shrunk the wages of labourers to add to their profit margin , Marx called it primitive accumulation which can also be another reason of alienation resulting in social conflicts ,Social conflict is a very complex theme and there are many different ways of it occurring , but it is basically how by people having differences these conflicts happen which result in change

surprisingly , as an example we can mention racism or feminism that has been in- between people since centuries and this is why protests happen of people not being happy and wanting equality and change , this is called conflict when people realise a big difference between one another and try to change it and make it right .

In each of these epochs from start of human history up to capitalism , always the social conflict had occurred and dialectics occurred that made each epoch change into better but as the ones in power stay in power they are the ones that end up with the decision , and by them staying greedy , they always leave a lower class to rule over and that is why social conflict even by the use of dialectics , which is surprisingly getting to a truth or conclusion with the opinion of two or more people with different opinions , Although still the social conflict hasn't been solved but the difference in between classes keep increasing .Some argue that it occurs as a result of capitalism and this

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