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Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized?

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Jack Cain

Denise Lee

Speaker Series: Entrepreneurship

3 March 2018

My Favorite Entrepreneur

        My grandfather David Cain, is the entrepreneur of the car dealership Cain Toyota and BMW. The dealership is located in North Canton, Ohio where my grandfather and my family are from. The dealership sells a variety of cars including Toyota and BMW. They offer all car services such as detail and annual service. My grandfathers dealership has an advantage and I give all of the credit to my grandfather himself. He grew up in a household where his parents had to work extremely hard for every penny they had. This taught him how to work hard for what he wanted his future to me like. He built his very first dealership from nothing and it became successful. Unfortunately, the dealership burnt down by a fire and there was nothing left. My grandfather did not give up in his times of struggle. Although it may have been easy for him to he pushed through the hardship and built yet another dealership, Cain Toyota and BMW. Which has been his greatest accomplishment. I think that this separates my grandfathers dealership from the rest. His passion and love for what he does makes this dealership the best. My grandfathers goal was to make a life for himself and his family through his business and passion so that's exactly what he did. My grandfather taught my dad all of his skills he has learned throughout his life and those are now being passed down to me. My grandfather got my father prepared to take over the business so he could support my family. My grandfather's passion inspired him to give the community the best and most luxurious cars to please them. He goes above and beyond to work hard and keep the business running smoothly. I hope you got a small glimpse of how amazing and inspiring my grandfather is to me and as to why he is my favorite entrepreneur.

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