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Acfe Report to the Nation Discussion Questions

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1. How much does the typical organization lose to fraud?

2. What are the three primary categories of occupational fraud?

3. Of the categories, which is the most common?

4. What is the most common detection method?

5. Which sector has the greatest number of fraud cases?

6. What is collusion?

7. How many cases were analyzed in the ACFE Report to the Nations?

8. What are some indirect cost organizations face as a result of fraud?

9. Based on the study, what is the median loss due to fraud?

10. Using the fraud tree, where does the current event article that you found fall into the diagram?

11. Of the three schemes in the fraud tree, which is the most costly and which is the most frequent?

12. With asset misappropriate schemes, what are the most common schemes?

13. Which region has the largest reported cases of corruption?

14. Often fraud schemes use multiple methods. What are the common methods the research  has revealed?

15. What is the typical median duration of a fraud scheme?

16. What are the top five ways frauds are discovered?

17. Discuss the detection method and duration of the fraud scheme.

18. Are hotlines helpful in reporting fraud?

19. Discuss detection by region.

20. Why do you think small organizations are victimized more frequently?

21. What type of fraud schemes happen in small organizations? Large organizations?

22. Is the external audit effective at finding fraud? Use the statistics to answer this question.

23. Discuss anti-fraud controls used by regions.

24. What were the typical control weaknesses that led to fraud?

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