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Airbnb's Business Model and Swot Analysis

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1.Airbnb's business model SWOT Why?



Providing services in 191 countries, multilingual services that can serve tourists

Landlord to make money, in New York had a monthly rent of $ 2,500, on the AirBnb platform can become $ 6,500 per month

For each room please take a professional photographer

In order to maintain the platform's profits, both demographic charges are charged

Tenants like to live in the culture, in the rental housing synchronization

Announcements nearby activities

Features rooms and experiences

* The landlord's pricing strategy has big data recommendations

100 million landlord insurance plan

Network trust, and authentication systems

* Y Combinator bred, many resources

* Sequoia Capital from scratch quite to the end, 2009 seed round 600K to 2012 200M

The laws of different countries for the definition of different rental

More competitors

Patterns are easily replicated

In the localization rate is not fast

Insiders have not kept up with growth (6 years $ 10 billion in size, 2016 has been valued at 25 billion US dollars, the growth rate too fast)



The first to do short rental companies

The Rise of Shared Economy

Boom to allow consumers to lower the price of accommodation

Brand impression is very "cool" and "tide"

Negative reviews were retained on the website, causing consumer concern

In order to increase the number of rental, Airbnb application process takes only a few minutes to complete the registration

The mutual trust between tenants and landlords

Existing hotels and tourism industry are opposed

Incomplete laws and regulations, illegal for many countries on a daily basis

Local taxes

Advantages: to provide a reliable third-party payment platform. Idle resource sharing. Room costs than the hotel cost-effective. Increase in self-help tourists, want to integrate into local life .Choose diverse .To make foreign friends.

Disadvantages: security than the insecure, non-service laundry bed and other services. The description will be hidden evil (eg: no elevator), the landlord afraid of tenants too miscellaneous.Toders fear landlord intrusion.

Opportunities: Internet popularity. Landlord want to earn extra money. With the rise of cheap air, a young wave, described in many languages ​​is a big opportunity to see fancy.

Test (threat): the rise of the same nature

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