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Artificial Intelligence Research Paper - Robotics

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Lan Nguyen

Professor Betts

COSC 1336-702


Artificial Intelligence Research Paper –Robotics


The ideal or robotic has been introduced for a long time in human history. Until now, with the developing drastically of artificial intelligence technology, intellectual robotics are becoming more realistic and completed ever. As being said, by implementing robotic technology into daily life basics, robotics become substitution for human to perform tasks and activities, which may be dangerous and impossible to perform with high accuracy and percentage of success. In this paper, we will discuss about pros and cons of robotics and how it has a huge impact on human.

For most basic daily activities, which machines can perform on behalf of human like washing machine, disk washers. Those tools are seen easily in every household. Those machineries also help saving a lot of times, just only few specific actions by putting buttons to execute. It is regular to see a lot of toy in the shape of robots that can move or do simple tasks. In the bigger scale, people invent robot to perform more complex activities in as many as possible, that can benefit for applied science research, assisting communities in general, and personal use in particular.

Robotics come from different designed forms and features and sizes. Its application is tremendous potential and promising in improving the successful rate of the jobs need to be done. Amazingly, they are programed to perform the same task with the same precision time (Schneider, Gersting, 719). This is the most important element because of consistency quality. Today, a lot of brand name company using robotic technology for mass production because of that preeminent feature. However, people nowadays concern not only in technology, but also in healthcare. Many diseases are untreatable costing lives of patients. Since the rapid application of robotic technology in healthcare system, scientist has more opportunities to discover the inside of human body in cell detail. In fact, the combination of nano technology and robotics is a breakthrough invention in human history. In the article “How medical robots will change healthcare” of Peter Nichol, “The greatest medical achievement in the last 100 years is the advance of personel genome sequencing mapped to repositories of population diseases”. Undoubtedly, by injecting nanorobots into human body, it gives a better overview and sight at a cellular level, especially cancer cells. In other situation, for example, the use of robot will help surgical doctors perform the operation more accuracy and cause less stress for them.

Another application of robotics is in warfare. The ultimate purpose of each side are reducing their own casualty and eliminate enemy as much as they can. Indeed, U.S military has been used drones for decades in order to kill enemies while not risking U.S soldiers. According to research “Drones: Should the United State use drones for both military and law enforcement purposes?” published in January state that “In recent years, drones has become prominent fixture in military and intelligence gathering operation abroad.” (2). Indeed, drones help collecting and providing more exact information and more safety than a soldier getting into enemy zone to collect information. To protect civilians, nowadays police officers are supported by robot as well. In the shooting at Dallas in 2016 killed five officers and injuries several officers. The use of robot that help killing the active shooter.

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