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Computer System Scenarios

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Computer Systems Scenarios

Scenario 1:

The system that I would recommend for Sarah’s Flower Designs would be for them to purchase a desktop system. Desktop systems are powerful enough and have ample amount of memory for the tasks that the employees of Sarah’s Flower Designs will be using on a day to day basis. For example, If Sarah wanted to make a floral design all she will need to do is have some sort of flower designing software like SketchUp or Adobe Print Shop. As far as customer information and keeping track of orders and handling all the financial stuff, all Mark has to do is use programs like Microsoft Excel or Quicken. Now for all the delivery and driving information, Sarah would probably want to get Kim some sort of GPS device like the TomTom Go 720. If having a GPS service is not in the budget then all Sarah would have to do is get some sort of road atlas software such as The Rand McNally Road Atlas of Microsoft’s Streets and Tips. With these software titles all Kim would have to do is punch in the customer’s address and all the information would pop up and then she can print the directions.

Scenario 2:

I believe it would benefit the SBI Corp. to get a PDA for all of it’s traveling employees. It would also benefit the company to also get laptops to the traveling employees as well. With PDA’s, the traveling employees will be able to all sorts of tasks from checking e-mail, viewing web pages, making calculations, keeping phone numbers and managing a calendar and to do lists. PDA’s also have excellent battery life so that the traveling employees can use them all day and not have to worry about losing power during a time when they need it most. PDA’s can also work well with a laptop computer. Now laptops come in handy when there is a need for larger storage space and a necessity to use more complex applications. When an employee needs to type a report on the road they will be able to using a laptop. Another advantage of having a laptop is that the user will be able to access the company’s network to gain access to documents that are stored on the company’s server. These will be great tools for the traveling employee to have to be more efficient on the road.

Scenario 3:

Since the Helping Hands League is a non-profit organization and doesn’t have a lot of money for a top of the line system,

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