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Eduaction Andf Technoloy

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Should schools have technology in the classroom for students with disabilities? This is a huge debate in education right now because some children work better using a laptop rather than pen and paper. Children with all different disabilities need different things all the time. Some students can have dyslexia, and is the most common disability in the world. There is technology in the world to help those students out by reading thing outloud to them or using a text to speech and having their essays be read back to them. There are computers that will correct essays for you and help you get better at writing for students who have issues writing essays. We have so many uses and impacts education in so many ways like the learning of these students how successful they can be with and without it, teachers having to learn how to use their technology and how to make assignments available to online. Teachers have to try their best to accommodate to these technological issues.

If a student needs something to help them in the classroom they are not going to be successful without that sourse. If 3 children need a book read aloud to them but they were in the fifth grade and its quiet reading times, it will disrupt other children if someone was reading it aloud to them instead of just having a computer and headphones to stick in their ears. If a student has such messy writing you cant read so they have to type everything so that it can be graded. Some teachers wont sit through trying to decipher everything you grade them. Also how helpfu, is it ig you cant go back and read your own notes. Its very hard to write as fast as you can type and sometimes it’s the other way around. I know if it were me I do better typing than I do writing.

On the other hand teachers have to learn how their technology works sometimes so if something is going wrong or they need help you can help them out and show them how to

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