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Enhancing Decision Making

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Homeless is a person without a home and typically live on the streets. Homelessness is circumstance when people without a permanent dwelling such as a house or apartment. According study conducted by Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) on 2016 number of homeless people in KL stands at 1500-2000. Comparing from 2014 is just only 600 homeless people were recorded, these figure show that threefold increase.

Factors that influence homelessness can be categorised into two groups individual factors and structural factors (Penang Institute,2015). Individual factors refer to the personal circumstances in an individual life that may have part in pushing them out onto the streets. Examples are poverty, mental health problem and lack of family support. On the other side, structural factor refer to societal and economic issues. For instance, lack of low cost house, lack of opportunity for lower skilled workers and unemployed.

This paper will examine the level of awareness homeless issue among Malaysia. This study also to propose solution regards these issues. The area of survey conducted is Kuala Lumpur, specifically the business district.


From the research, most of the homeless populations were found in the urban center. For the example, in Kuala Lumpur there have homeless groups that can be seen in the streets area at night. In Malaysia, in the city of Kuala Lumpur is the place where have many homeless people are still living and have not changed into a better life. Because at first, they expected life in the city to be a good life but it is not as expected. Most of these issues because of family problems and financial problems that cause them to leave their home and cannot afford to buy or rent a new home at urban area as a placement. From the research that Malaysian still not aware of this homeless issue. Most of them have never been involved with any program volunteers for homeless. Then for this study is to get the best solution to make awareness from all Malaysian people and helping the homeless.


The following investigative procedures are used to identify homelessness problems.

a) Data were collected by using questionnaires.

b) The questionnaires were distributed to 20 persons at random to get their opinions about homelessness.


From the pie chart above, it shows that half of the respondents participated in any charitable activity such as giving food and giving money to the homeless while they came across them. 95% of the respondents said that they are aware there are homeless people in Malaysia and 70% of them come across any homeless person during their daily life mostly in Kuala Lumpur. So, from these 3 questions we can conclude that most of the respondents know there are homeless in Malaysia.

Although more than 90% of the respondents aware

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