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Enterprise Application Software for Various Information Systems

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Enterprise Application Software for Various Information Systems

Within an organization, there are various Information Systems employed to cater to the different business requirements. Enterprise Application Software are applications that provide business functions catered to the business requirements and are deployed within a suitable Information System environment.

• Executive Support System : Business Intelligence

Executive Support Systems are computer based systems that aid executives in making business decisions by allowing them to analyze, make comparisons, monitor performance and spot opportunities or potential problems. Business Intelligence (BI) is much suited for this sort of information system environment as it encompasses applications and technologies used to gather, analyze and represent data that is meaningful to business executives in aiding them to make better business decisions. It eliminates guesswork, enhances communication and increases the company’s ability to respond to various changes in business conditions.

• Management Information System : Customer Relationship Management

Management Information System is a broad-based system that is used to integrate data from various departments to provide managers with information required to make business decisions. One of the fields this could be applied in would be managing relationships with customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is used to manage all interactions and business with customers and to provide managers with information in order to make decisions and solve problems pertaining to customers by processing the gathered data. CRM is applicable in a MIS as it not only provides a transaction reporting function, it is able to generate information that aids in the management of relationships with customers.

• Decision Support System : Business Process Management

Decision Support Systems are generally computer systems that aid managers analyze and organize information on demand for decision making purposes. Business Process Management (BPM) tools allow for the direct Design, Execution, Integration and Monitoring of business processes. BPM is suited to a DSS as it is able to monitor the execution of processes, generate information that enables a manager to analyze performance, make

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