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Hal’s Woodworking Case Study

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Hal’s Woodworking Case Study

Manuel Colón

Grantham University


The following case study has been created in order to analyze Mr. Hal Donovan hardware store situation. Hal started an ordinary hardware store in Sandusky, Ohio named Hal's Woodworking. He developed an excellent reputation as a friendly local store. He had a concerned that the business is no longer growing due the competitors stores such as Home Depot and Lowe's that offer bigger product selections and online services. Hal was worried that this sort of problem could develop in other departments, so he began looking for ways to add value to the customer experience, especially in ways that the national chains were not willing or able to do. For example, Hal has found that many people want to try out a new power tool in person before they spend hundreds of dollars on a purchase. Thus, Hal’s Hardware created a tool demonstration area staffed with salespeople who are experts in power tool operation. For each major type of power tool (drills, power saws, joiners, grinding tools, and so on), Hal created a small booklet of hints for using that type of tool. Hal’s salespeople give these booklets to customers as free handouts. They also sell Hal’s own low-cost instructional DVDs.

We are going to utilize a SWOT analysis in order to figure out Hal's Woodworking hardware marketing situation and hopefully help him to   be in a better competitor level.

Hal’s Woodworking Case Study



Good local relationships, solid core customers, good marketing background, creativity    


Invest on an internet site, IT infrastructure and maintenance, invest on social media managers or more store employees  


Find stakeholders, partnership with local business, better advertising campaign, delivery  


Competition, weak IT platforms, bad or weak advertisements campaign  

        The creation of an online store and service site could help Hal’s business to obtain more customers. As well could increase local and global sales on products that are not available in store and as we mentioned, the option to offer other services. Hal’s Woodworking can easily go from local to an international level hardware store. Expanding official Web site will be such a great idea for his business. The strategy will definitely allow not only to advertised the company but also allow of reaching the customers who are even far from their stores. It will showcase most of the inventory items that their company offers and will allow online shopping as we mentioned before. Good thing with it is that through this, customers will find it easy to know their available products even before going to their stores. That is indeed no hassle for most of their valued customers. On other hand, any of this good ideas have a cost and requires a budget for maintenance and administration. Once the web site is created does not mean the project is finished. Hal also need to plan on having a support team in order to assist customers if they have issues with the web page. Like mentioned before this will required additional employees or a contract with an external agency.

                Hal has way so many opportunities, having a web site could allow his business to work with other companies, whether hardware or any other retailer, in order to gain costumers, for example, he can partner up with Amazon in order to sale some of his products at global level.  Hal’s Woodworking could also expand into other products categories, services or even an online DIY training videos. This initiative not only attract customers, but encourage others to buy, and further more become loyal customers.

                Based on the SWOT analysis we also come with a few other recommendations and opportunities such as a delivery option where Hal’s Woodworking could invest on a few vehicles and deliver products locally. With this alone, it will put up a good relationship to customers in terms of trust and service. Upon proving best performance on local deliveries will generate a continues profit. Another recommendation is the expansion on partnership with other manufactures. This is to be able to find lower prices on products from business partners, and eventually sell these products to consumers at a lower price. Creating a membership definitely will help the business, there is a necessity for regular customers to sign up for membership on the    Hal’s Woodworking site that will allow online shopping, consultations, and feedbacks, this will also allow to monitor the trend of business to meet the needs of their valued customers.

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