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Hft2441 What Comprises a Network?

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Kerin Neely

May 20, 2018

HFT 2441

What comprises a network?

A network is basically defined as two computer systems linked together. It’s a configuration of workstations that allows the users to share data and programs across the systems. This data sharing is so crucial for people in everyday life in this day and age, and especially for the hospitality industry.  It allows for the data and program sharing to be used without losing any speed or memory capacity that would happened with each program was installed separately at each of the workstations. It is also said that economically using these networks and being able to data and program share, is economically so much better for everyone involved. Having the ability to share data and programs and save storage space on numerous computers can save a lot of money for a lot of people.

 [pic 1]

A network can be configured a client-sever (c/s) or peer-to-peer (p/p). A client-sever configuration links a powerful computer to several other less powerful computers. This powerful computer can link to hundreds of the less powerful computers and that can be very useful in a hotel for example.  This is obviously an advantage of using client-sever configuration. These networks are also able to improve the system performance by managing e-mails, and providing security.

A peer-to-peer network on the other hand, has each workstation functioning as both a client and server. The devices used are considered to have equal status due to the fact that any client can be a server and any server can be a client. Peer-to-peer networks, similar to client-server networks are able to support communication and file sharing.  Unlike client-servers, peer-to-peer networks achieve lower performance levels and they are much more prone to security problems through the network. Below are diagrams of client-server networks and peer-to-peer networks. [pic 2] 

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