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Ibm Case Study

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1. The culture of IBM was impacting the ability of the company to achieve outstanding performance because of excessive formalism and rigidity. There was assurance of lifetime employment. Moreover, the employees were focused inside towards the company and were not customer oriented. They missed deadlines and their performance was not up to the mark. Their idea of servicing the customer was to provide service to IBM products that had been sold to the customers.CHANGE can be small and incremental, or it can be large and complex. But it is something that needs to be constantly monitored and maintained. TRANSFORMATION is almost always large and significant. Change is about using external influences to modify actions to achieve desired results. Transformation is about modifying beliefs so that natural actions achieve the desired results. incremental change is a small adjustment made toward an end result. In a business environment, making an incremental change to the way that things are done typically does not significantly threaten existing power structures or alter current methods.Transformational change is A shift in the business culture of an organization resulting from a change in the underlying strategy and processes that the organization has used in the past. A transformational change is designed to be organization-wide and is enacted over a period of time.

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