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Igloo Products Corp. - a Cool Supply Chain Solution

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Review of Article

The article talks about the company Igloo Products Corp, which is into cooler drinkware and backpack manufacturing. It was about the system processes in Igloo, and the time wasted on such repetitive tasks , which led to small but visible delays in completing the documentation and invoicing processes. Igloo wanted to streamline their processes and released a request for quotation, and based on the responses, finalized on American Global Logistics (AGL) to automate its purchase order process. The main tasks of AGL was to evolve the processes of Igloo to include, among other projects, an electronic customer repository that provides greater visibility to Igloo's supply chain.

Through the partnership, Igloo cut costs and streamlined its processes. It also has been able to avoid service disruptions by working with AGL to stay ahead of significant changes in the supply chain environment. This was in alignment with what the management of Igloo wanted, a one stop platform that would manage all cargo—both imports and exports thereby ensuring that it helped to minimize supply chain disruptions.

Learning From Article

• AGL provides high-tech, hands-on, end-to-end logistics solutions

• Change from a rigid plan of action to listening to customers' concerns and build supply chain solutions that meet their needs

• Dedication of AGL to building an efficient, cost-effective, and streamlined supply chain for Igloo

• Initiation of a step-by-step

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