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Internet Isolated People

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internet is a global computer network that provide information to make people's live easier. When the Internet started to revolutionize,a huge impact happens in every aspect of people's life. Internet has change the style of living of majority such as student's can do research via Internet instead of heading to library, people can solve questions via google instead of referring to friends. By looking at this point of view, Internet has derived many benefits and convenient to the society, but are these isolating individuals and communities or bringing them together? Clearly, the Internet has contributed more towards the isolation.

The Internet has isolated people by breaking down their communication skills. According to Bob Affonso, 'Internet brings negative impact on one and their social skills." Internet these days provide social media that communicate in the form of words and images such as Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat. These users may be influence by the informal words and the use of emoji. Being

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