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Lion Box office Sales Analysis Report

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Sales analysis report

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Sales Representatives        2

Locations        3

Ticket code        4

Periodic aspect        4

External factors        4

Marketing Strategies        5




With the data of sales during March of 2017 of Lion Box Office, two managers John and Mansfield were required to find information about factors that affect the sales performance in five representatives in Canberra. This report will analyze thoroughly the statistics and discuss the problems for two managers. As the company want to improve sales, some recommendations and advices may also be suggested in order to promote the performance.



Sales Representatives

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The graphs above illustrate the total sales of each representatives including Amy Apple, Benny Bernanke, Corey Johns, Danica Mohen and Leandra Moles under the direction of two managers Mary Mansfield and John Joes. Corey Johns was the salesman who had the highest revenue with $77,986.75, which accounted for 24% of total sales, while Amy Apple and Benny Bernanke had the lowest sales, with $56,150.16 and $56,396.88 respectively. Ranked second was Danica Mohen with sales of $66,080.4 (21%), followed by Leandra Moles, whose revenue made up 19% of total sales. Besides, it is clear from the chart that Benny Bernanke and Danica Mohen had better performance under the management of Mary Mansfield. Meanwhile, with the administration of John Joes, the remaining representatives did greater business. Fascinatingly, Mary Mansfield made higher results ($160,965.16) than John Joes ($156,946.16).


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People in different regions in Canberra have different needs for ticket about going to the theater. Specifically, postal code 3016 and 3034, which saw the ticket sold of 726 and 871, had the largest records. At the same time, people in postal code 3023 seem to be least likely to purchase with just 231 tickets (Graph 4). The potential reason behind the poor performance of 3023 might be because there are not many theater there.

Ticket code

Looking at the data from the spreadsheet, it mentions that the ticket code 33 and 67 brought the highest number of ticket sold with 436 and 438 respectively. On the other hand, ticket code 41, 43 and 65 were those that had the least quantity. Talking about sales, 38 was the one which made the highest revenue (%25,860.72) while 53 was the lowest with just $281.2 received.  

Periodic aspect

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The bar chart above indicates the sales of two managers over the weeks of March. According to the graph, both managers made the highest sales in week 4 with $108,754.16, accounting for approximately 34% of the total sales of Lion Box Office. This may be because of the coming out of many good performance in week 4. Week 3 had the second largest total sales $96,644.08, followed by week 2 with just $44,081.16, about $50,000 less than week 3. The worst weeks of two managers were week 1 and week 5. The main reason for this is that both of those only have 5 days each.

External factors

There might be some external factors that can influence the overall performance of Lion Box Office. Firstly, the trend play an important role as it will affect the customers’ view about the show of the theater. While Lion Box Office may spend a good amount on advertising and marketing to influence the trend, some are out of their control. Therefore, management department of Lion Box Office should have a reasonable strategy so that they could somehow control the flow. Also, the competitive competition between Lion Box Office and various online website could affect negatively in their sales performance. Moreover, the release of the theater’s show may be affected and controlled by government and authority, so Lion Box Office have to make sure that their performance are legal and does not contain prohibited content (Target Australia, n.d.)

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