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Peer to Peer - an Emerging Technology

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Peer to Peer an Emerging Technology

Cardinal Stritch University

Dan Scheel, MS

Introduction to management Information Systems

MGT 430

Peer to Peer an Emerging Technology

Peer-to-Peer, also known as P2P, an emerging technology from our fast-paced world of technology, is quickly gaining the attention business executives and the average home computer end user. We will discuss key terminology, an analysis of the technology, and demonstrate how peer-to-peer a/k/a P2P works.

This is a network design that eliminates dedicated, central servers, a freely available internet file sharing and software system. P2P is considered a Darknet, which is a private network built for file trading. This helps access controlled virtual networks like the internet be more efficient in network collaboration. DRM, (digital rights management)is an anti piracy technology. This gives programmers, musicians, and movies artists some ability to control how their digital files are used. Licensed encryption keys, are a complicated mathematical code, which people pay. This is a license encryption key to unlock codes but not share the files. Routers join home networks to the internet.

P2P requires logging in to access another computer anywhere. You need to register computers that will be remotely accessed. Before registering your PC, you must first check the requirement of the system to insure that your computer has the capabilities to perform these functions. There are several areas within you own system that you must be familiar with, basically you have to know the software your are running and the version windows you are running. This will let you know if “Gotomypc” is supported by your system. Then of course, there is the browser requirement: internet Explorer 5.0 or newer, Netscape 7.0 or newer, Firefox 1.0 or newer. Afterward, you want to select remote access for individual users, Pro has secure remote access for teams and small companies, and Corporate has a secure remote access for small and medium-size businesses.

There are nine areas of compatibility, which include:

Screen Sharing

Multi-Monitor Support

Desktop shortcut

File Transfer

File Sync

Drag and Drop

Native Printing

GoToMyPc Printer


Out of these nine areas, most operating systems will work from winds 95 to Vista (64), the 95, 98, and NT 4.0 does not allow Drag and Drop or GoToMyPc Printer functions, all others do.

When you are ready to download the software required, you are ready to register the host computer; this is the computer that you will access from anywhere in the world and the service must be installed on this computer with administrator rights enabled. Once you download the software, it will prompt you to go to your email and from that point; you will receive a series of systematic instructions. The system will prompt

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