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Programming Languages

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Programming Languages

I have worked for my company for over eight years doing system support for twelve different retail locations. This support requires a lot of different types of programs which I use to help support my users in order to provide non stop store production. These programs range from simple remote control software that allows me to remote into a locations computer in order to troubleshoot issues and a program that can scan all the systems at a certain location and tell me what version the system is running. While these programs are extremely helpful, the most valuable program that I use everyday is called our site database.

The site database program was a program that was built using Microsoft Visual basic by an individual in house that performs multiple functions which add in our support. This program was first developed as a tool that organized our locations according to the districts that they were in. Each district had about twelve to thirteen locations which the site data base used to list different information used by each technician to troubleshoot different aspects of the store. Some of the information listed when the database was first created was; the address of the store, driving directions, Circuit Ids (T-1 and ISDN circuits), subnets, and store location contacts. While all this information was a tremendous help, the database grew into an incredible tool when the programmer was given the opportunity to add some of his ideas into the system. Some of the ideas he came up with really grew the simple database into a major application which was soon to be adopted by the whole eastern part of our company.

The additions that were made to the program included the integration of the remote control application, Microsoft’s active directory, SMS information, network

information which was a true endeavor in itself, and probably the greatest piece of the puzzle added as of date; information prob.

The information probe is an application that was put into the system because the author was battling with the dilemma of how to efficiently gather information from each computer at a certain retail store so that we can perform multiple tasks without getting any of the users involved. This was a key component because a lot of the trouble we have while we troubleshoot the individuals systems is because we are not able to get in contact with the person who is having the trouble. This feature actually scans

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