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Revolution of Fitness Centers

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Business idea “Revolution of Fitness Centers”

Our key resources consist of an IT infrastructure designed to provide the services and services of the app and to ensure functionality and availability. Of course, the partner fitness centers and the ownership of a smartphone are among the resources. The sensors for the fitness equipment are a core resource, because they always have to work smoothly to offer our service.

The key activities are the development of the mobile app, although no decision has yet been made for which mobile platform we choose or even support iOS and Android. Finding and entering into cooperations is an important success factor, and adequate analyzes are required so that the system requirements are met. Sensor and interface equipment, as well as support count to our offering services.

Our key partners include the manufacturers of fitness equipment and sensors, which then take us to our partner fitness centers in the next step.

Our customers are, on the one hand, the fitness centers to whom we offer hardware, software and services. On the other hand, the users or customers of the fitness center. These have the ability to make in-app purchases.

Our value proposition includes monitoring the training sessions through the app and the fitness center all-inclusive package. Another aspect here is a value proposition for fitness centers. For example, this includes greater satisfaction through training successes or individual support through less effort.

In Customer Relationships we distinguish between the fitness centers and the end users. Personal advice, on demand support and social events should build and maintain a successful customer relationship with the fitness centers. The customer relationship with the end users should be done through the communication through the app and possibly small rewards for diligent trainers.

The channels include on the one hand, the personal response and beyond recommendation partners such as personal trainer. On the other hand, we want to reach end users through the app store and advertise on social media. Here we choose tools like Facebook, Instagram, but also so-called "influencers" on YouTube.

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