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Strategy Planning for Sakura Sushi Setapak

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Strategy Planning for Sakura Sushi Setapak

Figure 1: Conceptual framework

[pic 1]

The Figure 1 diagram above shows that the conceptual framework of Sakura Sushi Setapak.

Problem of Statement

After conducting in some investigation, analyzing some informative research and situations, we discovered the urge to strengthen out issues and/or challenges in the core business of Sakura Sushi Setapak, at the amidst of stagnation in company’s profit and shareholder benefits. To further in details, we need a successful core model of business canvass and advance development strategy to develop or build a strong brand awareness of the company.

There are four sets of procedure in stages for achieving excellence in services advancement, as we’re in due preparing for the company’s most strategical profile planning process, as following:

Environmental scanning - collect, analyzes and distribute information from tactical and strategical purposes to better achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Strategy formulation - involves managing formula’s and implement major goals or initiatives set by top management on behalf of the owner based on internal and external factor when it competes.

Strategy Implementation - A good strategy without proper implementation is like poor strategy or no strategy at all.

Evaluation and Control - monitor the ongoing process or progress of activities if it achieves the organization objective and take corrective action if necessary for future endeavor.

Based on this, it creates an empirical study on excellence of service for the company using four stages of set procedure cycles. Each strategy defines all the steps of progressive enhancement for the company into making the final stage of implementing the marketing plan.

Furthermore, a sophisticated research methodology was carried out as planned, such as in-depth interview with the restaurant personnel and our precious customers or clients. Totally of two sets of structured questionnaires in formal design, and used to obtain a sample size in comprises of 45 workers and 150 clients as our respondents for this project to analyze both internally and externally of environment studies.

External Environment Analysis

PEST Analysis

  1. Political factor

As a business topology interacts Sakura Sushi Setapak must be aware with government tariff and laws abiding that influence the core business in progress or process of the company. In other words, Sakura Sushi Setapak operates in conjunction with financial dependent will be subjected to or under the influence of legislative and political conditions. Employment, food and health regulations are the major factor affecting the health or vision of the company’s future.

  1. Economic factor

Since Sakura Sushi Setapak operates in franchise world, the external economic factor is most likely affected our performance conjunction to prices of raw materials and purchasing power of customers. The economic growth is seriously influence by the situation of our country though it’s largely economic condition in ASEAN region. Taxation rates and inflation rate which will be the major decline of economic factor in the country albeit its highly unemployment rates in the region, which has an enormous impact on demand for us in the future.

  1. Social Cultural factor

Malaysia as a multi-racial country has its own states of religions not to mention cultures or nationality differences. As a matter of fact, for a company to be success or being succeeded, its product must be religious inclined and/or considerate for the consumer’s consumption. It’s an evidence that everyone has its preferences in deciding the acceptance of like’s or no like’s in their own taste. Despite the crowd prefers eating pattern in trendy occasionally.

  1. Technological factor

Most sushi industry do realize that nowadays we are evolving into digital world. As most business in the world utilizes online technology to support for their business advantage. Therefore, Sakura Sushi Setapak has this opportunity to engage into online media interaction, such as online billing system and online social media communication application.

Five‐Forces Porter’s Analysis

  1. Bargaining power of buyer

Bargaining power of buyer in Sakura Sushi Setapak is somewhat moderate. The situation can be a threat to Sakura Sushi Setapak as due to market trend and population’s existence it can affect customer loyalty towards Sakura Sushi Setapak.

  1. Bargaining power of supplier

Sakura Sushi Setapak’s bargaining power of supplier will be above average. As supplier are getting their stockpile from oversea and shipping time will be long and/or delay if there are too many demands in sushi industry.

  1. Threat of new entrants        

New company doesn’t have much barriers because of the easiness for newcomers to open business in this industry. As thing tends to create problematic occasionally like customer retention, unemployment and expenses overflow.

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