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Technology and Education

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“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots” (Albert Einstein). To show when the day of technology comes, the smart generation would go down to becoming less smart. Technology has encouraged cheating, laziness, and distraction in students’ lives.

Due to Technology, it has encouraged our lives to cheating. Nowadays, many students opt for the choice to copy. Instead of using their brains to help them solve their work they just copy to get it over with. They never bother to stop and use their brain or ask for help, this encourages them to keep copying again and again rather than working it out.

Nowadays, many students are plagiarism, in their essay. Due to plagiarizing, this can cause students to fail or just receive a 0% on their work. The cause of plagiarism, has an effect on students going to jail or having to play because they took someone’s work and acting it was their work. Examples of plagiarism would be failing to cite with quotation marks the written words or symbols or graphs of an author. Stealing a unit level test and selling copies, turning in a paper with text directly copied from a web site and etc.

Due to technology, cheating has become the choice student’s prefer nowadays.

Despite technology having innumerable benefits it is making us super lazy. Examples how it making us lazy would be waste of time because “Internet is used 24-7 by people for work and even for entertainment purposes but, nowadays use of social networking sites by employees at office working hours leads to waste of resources and time. Due to this, many organizations have banned use of these social networking sites at official hours. According to recent researches, scientists have found that these networking sites lead to increase in anxiety levels. The availability of social networking sites on mobiles and tablets have even made the matter worse. Social networking sites have also lead people to pretend that their life is adventurous and amazing by posting pictures of every place they go and updating every single information on their Facebook walls”

Technology not good for our health. It can cause obesity which is a huge issue that happening due to laziness. Obesity is a major problem that has taken place due to overuse of technology. To show that, obesity is not the result of excessive eating but also due to lack of physical activity. The rate of obesity around the world is increasing at a very fast level. Earlier people used to walk miles but nowadays the use of updated cars has made people lazy and prefer using it even in crowded places. The number of cars has increased drastically and also pollution. Also nowadays adults and children are facing technology to much that it has an effect on their eyes which can cause eye illness. Due to technology, it has encouraged laziness which causes bad our health to be bad.

On the other hand, students now don’t better to stop and try their best in school and most of the students don’t take school seriously due to technology. An example, would be the students in my high school because in each of my classes there has be

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