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Telephone & Data Network Analysis

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Telephone & Data Network Analysis

NTC/360 Network and Telecommunications Concepts

Team C Consulting has been contracted by Maria Trinh to perform a Service Request (SR-rm-019) for Riordan Manufacturing headquartered out of San Jose, California.

This request is to review the current telephone and data networks for all Riordan’s locations and make recommendations for improvements that will increase the efficiency, capabilities and features available.

Riordan Manufacturing also desires a high level estimate of the cost range for the aforementioned recommendations. The recommendations for improvement are required to assist corporate headquarters in preparing for upcoming budgets. Riordan Manufacturing also requests that a 10-12 page executive summary of the system review and recommended changes be prepared, they also request a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of the report.

This all encompassing analysis and review will cover Riordan Manufacturing offices in San Jose, California (Corporate Headquarters), Albany, Georgia, Pontiac, Michigan and Hangzhou, China. Each of these locations will have an in-depth analysis of both their voice and data networks and Team C consulting will identify limitations and make recommendations at each independent site. These include their network infrastructure, voice and data equipment, current and future technologies that may be available in the area and current and recommended network security procedures.

Team C Consulting will take the approach that technologies are ever changing and will guide the review toward current standards with flexibility for growth in both personnel and new technologies. Our recommendations will be based on the abilities of each site to maintain a sound infrastructure and have the abilities for future growth in both the voice and data arenas.

A major concern for corporations today is security. Securing both the network (LAN & WAN) and the data within are of paramount concern. As such, Team C Consulting puts a great deal of emphasis on technologies and equipment to support those technologies that provide a secure environment.

With technology changing constantly we at Team C Consulting also will strive to bring new technologies to our customer through innovation and implementation. Some of the new technologies such as Secure Wireless and Evolution Data Only (EVDO) can help provide some additional mobility and flexibility to an organization.

1. Breakdown Current Systems and Recommendations at Each Location

a. San Jose, CA

i. Full T-1 connected to Cisco Router

1. Sufficient for current infrastructure

ii. Computers

1. Currently has 35 Dell Optiplex, 2.6 GHz computers

a. Sufficient for current operations

2. 512 MB RAM, 60 GB Hard Drive

a. Sufficient for current operations

3. WIN 2K Operating System, Microsoft Office 2000

a. Recommend upgrading to Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Office 2007

i. Cost varies on licenses needed.

1. Upgrade starts at $199.00 per first 5 licenses for Windows XP then may qualify for discount on additional licenses. Approx cost for upgrade without discount $ 6,965.00

2. Office 2007 Small Business Edition, approx cost for upgrade, without possible discounts $ 9,800.00

2. 15 MAC G5’s with dual 1.8 GHz processors (typo on map)

1. 1 GB Ram

a. Sufficient for current operations

2. 100 GB HD (typo on map)

a. Sufficient for current operations

ii. Printers

1. 3 Laser color printers

a. Sufficient for current operations

2. 1 HP Plotter (used to plot large drawings)

a. Sufficient for current operations

iii. Servers (all server are sufficient for current operations)

1. 3 IBM H520 Blade Severs 2 X XEON (Windows 2003)

a. 2.8

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