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16 Century History

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Essay title: 16 Century History




Textbook Assignment, Chapter 28:

( Define)

1.Iron Curtain: Winston Churchill's term for the Cold War division between the Soviet-dominated East and the U.S.-dominated West. (p.658)

2.Cold War (1945-1991) The ideological struggle between communist (Soviet Union) and capitalism (United States) for world influence. The Soviet Union and the United States came to the brink of actual war during the Cuban missile

crisis but never attacked one another. The Cold War came to an end when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. (p.668)

3.NATO: an organization formed in Washington, D.C. (1949), comprising the 12 nations of the Atlantic Pact together with Greece, Turkey, and the Federal Republic of Germany, for the purpose of collective defense against aggression.

4.United Nations: an international organization, with headquarters in New York City, formed to promote international peace, security, and cooperation under the terms of the charter signed by 51 founding countries in San Francisco in 1945.

5.World Bank: an international bank established in 1944 to help member nations reconstruct and develop, esp. by guaranteeing loans: a specialized agency of the United Nations.

6.Marshall Plan: a plan for aiding the European nations in economic recovery after World War II, proposed by U.S. Secretary of State George C. Marshall in 1947 and implemented in 1948 under the Economic Cooperation Administration.

7.Truman Doctrine: the policy of President Truman, as advocated in his address to Congress on March 12, 1947, to provide military and economic aid to Greece and Turkey and, by extension, to any country threatened by Communism or any totalitarian ideology.

8.Warsaw Pact: an organization formed in

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