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360 Degree Feedback

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Essay title: 360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback (360 Degree Review)

360 degree feedback is the most comprehensive and costly type of appraisal. It includes self ratings, peer review, and upward assessments; feedback is sought from everyone. It gives people a chance to know how they are seen by others; to see their skills and style; and may improve communications between people.

360 degree feedback helps by bringing out every aspect of an employee's life. Cooperation with people outside their department, helpfulness towards customers and vendors, etc. may not be rewarded by other types of appraisal. This system also helps those who have conflicts with their manager.

360 degree feedback generally has high employee involvement and credibility; may have the strongest impact on behavior and performance; and may greatly increase communication and shared goals. It provides people with a good all-around perspective.

The Managing Individual Effectiveness (MIE) system at Bellcore is used for self-development. It gets feedback from peers, managers, subordinates, and the ratees themselves. According to a Bellcore representative, the results are better working relations; better communications; more information on management performance and style; increased effectiveness and productivity of individuals and the organization as a whole; knowledge of training needs; a better grasp of organizational priorities; and greater employee input in designing self-development plans.

The Bellcore rep noted that, for success, expectations must be communicated clearly; employees must be involved early; resources must be dedicated to the process, including top management's

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